PANDA Career Services Private Limited is proud to introduce “DAIKI Japanese Language Courses,” a comprehensive program designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the Japanese language, culture and professional environment. With a focus on Language Classes, Exam Preparation Interview Preparation, Documentation Services, Translation Services, Pre-departure Guidance, and Career Pathway Planning, our courses aim to empower students to pursue opportunities in Japan with confidence and competence.





1.       Language Proficiency: To offer high-quality Japanese language instruction tailored to the needs of learners at various proficiency levels, enabling them to communicate effectively in both everyday situations and professional contexts.

2.       Exam Preparation: To assist students in preparing for standardized Japanese language proficiency exams such as JLPT, NAT, Skill Test-JFT, J-Cert, Top-J, etc. equipping them with the skills and strategies needed to succeed.

3.       Interview Preparation: To provide comprehensive guidance and practice sessions to prepare students for admissions interviews in Japan, focusing on effective communication, cultural awareness and professionalism.

4.       Documentation Services: To offer assistance with the preparation and submission of various documents required for visa applications, residency permits and academic admissions in Japan.

5.       Translation Services: To provide accurate and reliable translation services for documents, certificates, resumes and other materials from any language to Japanese and vice versa, ensuring clarity and precision in communication.

6.       Pre-departure Guidance: To offer practical guidance and support to students preparing to relocate to Japan, including information on visa procedures, accommodation options, cultural norms and essential preparations for living and studying abroad.

7.       Career Pathway Planning: To assist students in identifying and pursuing their career goals in Japan, offering personalized guidance, resources and networking opportunities to facilitate their professional growth and development.


1.       Basic Japanese Language Course: Beginner-level classes focusing on fundamental language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and basic communication strategies.

2.       Intermediate Japanese Language Course: Intermediate-level classes building upon foundational knowledge to develop more advanced language proficiency and comprehension abilities.

3.       Advanced Japanese Language Course: Advanced-level classes targeting fluency and proficiency in Japanese, with an emphasis on specialized vocabulary, complex grammar structures and cultural nuances.

4.       Exam Preparation Course: Intensive courses designed to prepare students for exams like JLPT, Skill Test-JFT, NAT, Top-J, J-Cert, etc. at various levels with mock tests, practice exercises and targeted skill-building sessions.

5.       Interview Skills Workshop: Practical workshops providing guidance on interview etiquette, communication techniques, cultural sensitivity and confidence-building strategies for successful interviews in Japanese settings.

6.       Documentation Assistance Services: Customized support services for document preparation, review, translation and submission tailored to meet the specific requirements of visa applications and academic admissions applications in Japan.

7.       Pre-departure Orientation Program: Informative sessions covering essential topics such as visa procedures, cultural adaptation, accommodation options, healthcare, banking, transportation and safety tips for living in Japan


8.       Career Counseling Sessions: Individualized career counseling sessions offering personalized advice, goal-setting assistance, industry insights, resume/CV reviews and networking opportunities to help students navigate their career pathways in Japan effectively.


With the growing demand for Japanese language skills and cultural competency in today’s globalized world, PANDA Career Services Private Limited is committed to providing innovative and comprehensive solutions through our DAIKI Japanese Language Courses. By combining language instruction with exam preparation, interview coaching, documentation assistance, translation services, pre-departure guidance and career pathway planning, we aim to empower individuals to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals in Japan with confidence and success.